Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost 7 Months After Surgery

Sorry, I have been bad at getting these monthly pictures posted. My husband actually took 6 month photos and they were all blurry so I did not post them. My daughter has offered to take them but I do not think I trust a 5 year old with our nice camera. She is so cute she always tells me that my nose looks good and will say "Oh mommy I can not tell you had nose surgery on it one bit." I know it looks so much better than the first few days and after putting makeup on when I tell people they can not tell I had anything done to it. About a month ago I had to go back to my doctors (another 3 inch scar on my back waaaa getting old sucks, no skin cancer a cyst that ruptured and turned into a bad secondary infection) he had not seen my nose since a week after surgery he kept looking at it and was amazed it looked so good. He told me give it a year and it will look normal.